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Ccm Tacks 9080 Sr Hockey Elbow pads

Product features

  •  Ccm Hockey Elbow pads
  •  Elite level protection
  •  Excellent comfort and protection in the bicep area
  •  D30 Smart Material in the elbow cap
  •  Compressed molded HD foam forearm protection
  •  Middle lock strap, bicep strap, and length-adjustable forearm strap
Ccm Ccm Tacks 9080 Sr 69.90  
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  Ccm Hockey Elbow pads size chart
Ccm Tacks 9080 Sr Hockey Elbow pads
Elbow pads - sizing guide
Elbow pad sizing guide
Elbow pad measurement
Measure the distance between the shoulder pad and the cuff of the glove. Use the image on the right for help with this measurement. Write down the measured value and consult the tables below to find the desired fit.
Elbow pad size Measurement
Youth 18cm - 23cm
Junior Small 23cm - 28cm
Junior Medium 25cm - 28cm
Junior Large 25cm - 30cm
Senior Small 30cm - 33cm
Senior Medium 33cm - 36cm
Senior Large 36cm - 38cm
Senior X-Large 38cm+
Note : These are the manufacturer guidelines and do not constitute a guarantee of fit. Hide Guide
Available sizes: (click for size chart)
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