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Bauer Vapor X2.9 Jr Hockey Gloves

Product features

  •  Bauer Hockey Gloves
  •  Mid Density foam with PE inserts
  •  2-Piece Flex thumb
  •  Cable mesh + PU overlay shell
  •  Molded cuffroll with molded logo
  •  Super soft TAKTILE palm
  •  Comfort stretch gusset
Bauer Bauer Vapor X2.9 Jr 60.50  
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  Bauer Hockey Gloves size chart
Bauer Vapor X2.9 Jr Hockey Gloves
Hockey Gloves - sizing guide
Hockey gloves sizing guide
Hockey Gloves measurement
With the playerís forearm bent, measure the distance between the fingertips and the elbow pad to determine the proper glove size. Refer to the image on the right for help with this measurement.
Hockey gloves should fit loose enough so that the tip of your fingers, should not go completely to the end of the glove. The main consideration with the fit of the hockey glove is making sure the gap between the glove and the elbow pad is minimal.

Please consult the chart below with the measurements to find the fit you need.

Hockey glove size Measurement
9" 23cm
10" 25,5cm
11" 28cm
12" 30,5cm
13" 33cm
14" 35,5cm
15" 38cm
Note : These are the manufacturer guidelines and do not constitute a guarantee of fit. Hide Guide
Available sizes and colors: (click for size chart)
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