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Reebok Kinetic Fit 14K Hockey Shoulder Pad

Product features

  •  Reebok Hockey Shoulder Pad
  •  Molded HD floating foam with PE inserts
  •  Adjustable PE inserts
  •  Molded foam with PE inserts
  •  Low-profile fit with improved coverage
  •  Low-profile JDP caps for excellent protection
Reebok Reebok Kinetic Fit 14K 60.50  
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  Reebok Hockey Shoulder Pad size chart
Reebok Kinetic Fit 14K Hockey Shoulder Pad
Shoulder pad - sizing guide
Shoulder pad sizing guide
Shoulder pad measurement
Measure the player’s chest just below the arm pits by wrapping a tape measure around the player’s chest. Refer to the image on the right for help with this measurement. Use the chart below to match the player’s measured size to the proper shoulder pad size.
When shopping for shoulder pads, look for shoulder pads that will provide the most padding available for your needs. Forwards, should look for lighter weight pads that allow more freedom of movement. Defensemen need larger pads with the maximum protection against being hit by the hockey pucks.
Rbk Shoulder pad size Measurement Body height
1 -70cm -120cm
2 70cm - 80cm 120cm - 145cm
3 80cm - 90cm 145cm - 165cm
4 90cm - 100cm 160cm - 180cm
Note : These are the manufacturer guidelines and do not constitute a guarantee of fit. Hide Guide
Available sizes: (click for size chart)
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