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Reebok 8K Hockey Helmet

Product features

  •  Reebok Hockey Helmet
  •  Fully customizable and the Lightest helmet for players
  •  Side clip to adjust the length of the helmet
  •  Adjusts for a true customized snug 360 fit
  •  Grip texture comfort cushions for snug pillow comfort
  •  Mechanically attached EPP liner delivers pro-protection
  •  Integrated venting channels keep your head cool
  •  Excellent venting keeps the player cool
  •  Secure-strap ear loops keep the chin strap in position
  •  Zinc plated flat/star screws minimize rust
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  Reebok Hockey Helmet size chart
Reebok 8K Hockey Helmet
Reebok - Helmet sizing guide
Reebok - Helmet sizing guide
Helmet measurement
Measure your head circumference in cm, just above your eyebrows. Use the image on the right for help with this measurement. Write down the measured value and check in the tables below for your desired model the corresponding helmet size.
It is important to know the these may vary for each model, so make sure you refer to the correct table.

When selecting an hockey helmet, the main points to consider are:

  • What materials are used to allow for comfort
  • How easy it is to adjust the helmet size during the game
  • Ventilation features
  • Hockey rules may request that you wear CE certified helmets.
  • All hockey helmets sold on are CE certified.
Reebok 11K Combo Hockey Helmet Model Helmet Size Your Measurement
11K, 11K ComboSmall46cm - 56cm
11K, 11K ComboMedium54cm - 59cm
11K, 11K ComboLarge58cm - 68cm
Reebok 8K Hockey Helmet Model Helmet Size Your Measurement
8KSmall51cm - 56cm
8KMedium55cm - 59cm
8KLarge58cm - 63cm
Reebok 6K Pro Hockey Helmet Model Helmet Size Your Measurement
6K Pro, 6KSmall51cm - 56cm
6K Pro, 6KMedium55cm - 59cm
6K Pro, 6KLarge58cm - 63cm
Reebok 5K Combo Hockey Helmet Model Helmet Size Your Measurement
5K, 5K ComboSmall51cm - 56cm
5K, 5K ComboMedium55cm - 59cm
5K, 5K ComboLarge58cm - 63cm
Reebok 3K Combo Hockey Helmet Model Helmet Size Your Measurement
3K ComboJunior50cm - 57cm
3K ComboSenior55cm - 62cm
Note : These are the manufacturer guidelines and do not constitute a guarantee of fit. Hide Guide
Available sizes and colors: (click for size chart)
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