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Ccm Jetspeed FT680 Senior Shoulder Pads


109.90 €
Recommended retail price: 139.90 €
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The JETSPEED FT680 shoulder pads are a game-changing choice for ice hockey enthusiasts, junior and senior league players, as well as hockey parents. These shoulder pads are meticulously crafted to deliver top-tier mobility and protection, elevating players’ performance to the next level.

Crafted from lightweight and breathable PE plastic and foam, the FT680 shoulder pads ensure extended comfort during wear. The stretchable sublimated comfort liner adds an extra layer of freedom, allowing players to move without hindrance.

With a dual-layer front construction featuring PE foam, these shoulder pads offer enhanced flexibility without compromising protection. The low-profile design provides an additional safeguard, while the JDP design caps with molded PE efficiently disperse impacts away from the shoulder joints, reducing injury risks.

The vented front base, combined with PE perforated foam, offers a lightweight yet durable chest protection solution, allowing players to feel agile while remaining well shielded. The PE-molded cap with length adjustment ensures a customized, comfortable fit, offering both adjustable coverage and sublimated lining for added comfort.

For all-around protection, the anatomical molded PE sternum and spine guarantee comprehensive protection from every angle. The segmented semi-floating clavicle coverage moves with your body, providing superior clavicle protection, while the extended coverage front panel offers competitive-level security.

Key Benefits:

  • Lightweight and breathable PE plastic and foam construction.
  • Stretchable sublimated comfort liner for enhanced comfort.
  • Dual-layer front construction with PE foam for improved flexibility and protection.



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